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Meeting Jewel:
"I can't wait to go Madda! It's going to so fun!" a little girl who seems to be seven-years-old says happily.
She has curly jet black hair it's short but is put up by a red bandanna headband that her mother gave her, bright green eyes, and a dark tan skin tone, almost the color of cinnamon but a little darker. 
The little girl's mother, Kimona, smiles at her and bends down to her level. "I'm glad that you are excited Fi Pickney, but remember to meet your uncle Al when you get there", Kimona told her daughter.
Her daughter nodded, not really listening but imagining her first debut and being cheered for by her fans and wanting an encore. 
"Jewel?", her mother asks then waves her hand in front of Jewel's face "Jewel Aria Brooks! Are you even listening?!".
Jewel wakes up from her trance and looks up at her mother with a nervous smile and Kimona immediately knew the answer.
"Here's the address and a picture of Uncle Al, hopefully this will help", Kimona tells her daughter as she g
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My Little Pony Oc:
I got interested in My Little Pony about a year or two ago. I used to play with the toys when I was little but got back into it after I watched a couple of episodes a year or two ago.
So I want to introduce my Oc and I hope you guys like her! :D x3 '^.^
Name: Magic Dust 
Species: Unicorn
Gender: Female
Residence: Ponyville 
Occupation: Magician 
Cutie Mark: Magic Dust's cutie mark is a black magician's hat with a white bunny poking it's head out of it and there are sparkles around the hat.
Magic Dust looks like most Unicorns with their horns. Her fur is aqua blue with her cutie mark on her left thigh.
She has long, wavy bubblegum pink mane with green mint highlights. Her eyes are pink with tints of gold.
Her horn is shorter than most Unicorn's horns but she can still use it to her advantage.
She also wears an magician's hat that is black with a violet ribbon tied around it and has a pinkish red heart stitched on the right side of the hat.
Also...she wears an
:iconsnowgirl325:SnowGirl325 0 0
Timmy x Tecna:
This is another one of my favorite couples that I love so much!
Timmy and Tecna are so cute and they both a love for technology and they still try to show their affections to each other.
Also I love cute and geeky couples like these two!
Now I'll introduce their children! :D x3
Name: Issac
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Parents: Timmy x Tecna
Occupation: Helps his parents with their projects
Fairy/Witch/Other: Human
He has his mother's magneta hair that is styled in a similar asymmetrical bob cut, hazel eyes, and pale skinned.
He wears glasses sometimes and they look like Harry Potter glasses. He wears things that give him a hipster kind of look and other times wears things that make him appear serious.
Issac is a smart and king young man. He loves any kind of technology and prefers to spend time with his family than going to socialize with those his own age.
Like his father, he is kind of the peacemaker in the group and a pacifist. When his loved ones are in danger thou
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My Made Up Mythology:
Hey there! :D x3
I've been working on this for a long time now (About two years) and I wanted to show this to you guys! :) x3
It's my own mythology I've created and I was inspired by myths from Greece and some others as well to make my own.
I don't have creatures or monsters created yet but I do have a couple of Gods and Goddesses I've made :) x3
Here's a list of them so far!
*Thorin: Leader of the gods/God of Death
*Carmella: Wife of Thorin/Goddess of Life
*Meeko: God of Mischief
*Ayanna: Goddess of Fertility and Marriage
*Earendil: God of the Sea
*Star: Goddess of the Home and Hearth
*Nika: Goddess of Victory
These two were created by my awesome cousin because I was having a hard time figuring them out :) x3 '^.^
*Riyna: Goddess of Wisdom
*Goelin: God of Music
*Silena: Goddess of Love and Beauty
*Marius: God of War
*Aditya: God of the Sun
*Lenore: Goddess of the Moon
*Chamomile: God of Healing 
That's all I have so far and I hope you guys like them '^.^ :) x3
:iconsnowgirl325:SnowGirl325 0 0
The Trix's Kids:
Everyone knows the Trix and it's members: Icy, Darcy, and Stormy.
Even though they're jerks and plans to take over or destroy the world or the Winx. They're still cool and awesome villains, so they deserve to have kids too.
Here are their lovely kids! :D x3
Name: Adrian
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Fairy/Witch/Other: Wizard
Occupation: Works in a Bookstore his mother owns
Parents: Darcy x Riven
He has his mother's golden yellow eyes, his hair is long and is put up in a braid on the side of his shoulder, his hair is dark brown with a magneta like color on his bangs. He has pale skin.
His body type is a v-shape, meaning his shoulders are broad while the rest is slimmed down but still muscular.
He wears an cloak that is dark purple that is open around his chest and underneath the cloak, he wears an black t-shirt and wears an necklace that has a ghost on it.
Also he wears dark purple pants with black leather boots with silver trims.
Adrian is the most mature of the group a
:iconsnowgirl325:SnowGirl325 0 0
Riven x Musa:
Riven and Musa are one of those couples who break up and make up again.
Riven is a bad boy while Musa is a adorable, music loving kind of girl. They're so different yet that what makes them such a great couple, because of those differences and how they bring the best and worst sides of each other.
Now let me introduce their kids! :D x3
Name: Matti
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Parents: Riven x Musa
Occupation: Knight-in-training, part-time Musician
Fairy/Witch/Other: Wizard
He has a similar hairstyle as his father's but his is a little spikier, his hair is dark blue like his mother's, violet eyes, and pale skinned.
He often wears an black jacket with silver trims, a dark blue shirt with music notes and lighting bolts on it, white pants, and brown sandals.
Matti is the kind of boy who gets himself in trouble. He is like his father by being a rebel and being a lone wolf. He is competitive but when he's around music, he is calm and actually a cool dude to be around.
He is
:iconsnowgirl325:SnowGirl325 0 0
Helia x Flora:
This has to be my most favorite couple of the series...
Helia and Flora are so cute together it should be illegal! Anyway, although they're not as focused on as a couple like many of them, they're still my favorite and I like that they don't need drama in their life to be happy as a couple.
Also I made them have the most kids, because I just picture them having a big family and I couldn't resist :) x3
So here they are...
Name: Jason
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Fairy/Witch/Other: Specialist
Occupation: Knight-in-Training for Linphea
Parents: Helia x Flora
He has long black hair like his father that he puts up in a ponytail, bright jade eyes, and tan skin like his mother but his tone is darker.
He often wears a green and yellow plaid shirt, brown pants that have pockets, and silver sandals. He's also very muscular due to him training a lot.
Jason has a kind and caring personality. He values family and will do anything for them no matter the cost.
He is artistic and has
:iconsnowgirl325:SnowGirl325 0 0
Sky x Diaspro:
Everyone knows who Diaspro is. She was the once fiancee of Sky and tried to break Bloom and Sky up many times.
But technically it's not her fault. She was kinda forced in this engagement and she seemed to have genuine feelings for Sky even though it didn't seem that he liked her back.
I believe they could make it as a couple if Sky actually sat down and talked to her and see that maybe he was wrong about them for all these years.
I like Bloom guys, but think about it, this couple could have been a possibility if they didn't make her look like the bad guy.
Now let's meet their lovely kids!
Name: Jewel
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Parents: Sky x Diaspro
Occupation: Princess of Eraklyon
Fairy/Witch/Other: Fairy of Gemstones
She inherited her mother's lovely golden locks, dark blue eyes, and lightly tan skinned. She often wears things that are sparkly or shiny, showing her royal status.
Winx form, she has her mother's top that is cream colored, on the bottom of the outfit it's shaped
:iconsnowgirl325:SnowGirl325 0 0
Andy x Bloom:
Now, we know Andy used to date Bloom before she went to Alfea and joined Winx Club and all that. Some fans didn't like Andy because they thought that he was trying to steal Bloom from Sky.
That's what I thought too for a while...but once I looked and seen a different side of it. Bloom and Andy can have another chance at being a cute couple.
I liked Sky and Bloom for a long time, but I realized that Bloom and Andy could actually work if they're given another shot...I think they could be good for each other.
Let me introduce you to their children!
Name: Zamir
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Parents: Andy x Bloom
Fairy/Witch/Other: Wizard
Occupation: Musician
He has black hair like his father but has a red streak in his hair on his bangs, dark eyes, and pale skinned.
He wears an t-shirt that has his dad's band's logo on it, dark blue jeans, and wears an red and black jacket.
Zamir is the kind of boy who loves to rock out to his heart's content. He is kind but he gets angered
:iconsnowgirl325:SnowGirl325 2 3
Sky x Bloom:
This is will be about the most talked about canon couple of the show, Sky and Bloom. Now we all know that they went off and on again in their relationship many times.
I liked them as a couple for a very long time but...their love as a couple died...I mean it's nice to have a couple that have a little drama...but theirs is mostly focused on and the problems in their relationships repeat.
I'm not saying anything bad and don't get angry Sky and Bloom lovers, they're a good's just that they're not the same as it once was when the show first started with them.
Now...let me introduce their lovely daughter...Kenna!
Name: Kenna
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Parents: Sky and Bloom
Occupation: Princess of Eraklyon (Illegitimate)
Fairy/Witch/Other: Fairy of the Dragon Flame
She has long strawberry blonde hair, bright blue eyes, and fair skinned. She wears an necklace that is shaped like a small flame.
In her Believix form, Kenna's hair is put up in a high ponytail, she wears an o
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Hey guys! :D x3

It's me again and I wanted to tell you guys that I'm making a story here on Deviantart! :D x3

It's called Tales of the Seven Seas! It's about a ten-year-old boy named Sora Alexander Davis who's dream is to be the world's greatest pirate and find El Dorado, the lost city of gold.

Along with his older brother, Jonah Xavier Davis, they go on a journey to meet new friends and new adventures.
What will happen when the Armada tries to come and take them to prison to be executed or something worse than death.

What adventures await them and what will they discover as they run away from the danger that is the Armada?

I have another story idea as well. I was inspired by Winx Club and W.I.T.C.H, two of my favorite shows as a child.

It's called Meta-Knights, it's about twins: Justin and Chloe Andromeda.
All their life they believed that they were normal kids except that their orphans and don't know much about their past life.

But their lives change forever when they encounter a strange, furry alien named Pip, who says that they're the ones he's been looking for.

Now they learn that their parents were Meta-Knights, a intergalatic force that helped people who were innocent and couldn't defend themselves.

So they learn the ways of the Meta-Knights and vow to help others just like their parents.

What adventures await them and what dangers will await them as well?

I'll let you know more as soon as I can, in the meantime, I'll publish a couple of pages and sneak peeks to get more about these two type of stories, hope you like it! '^.^ :D x3

Oh! Before I forget, I'm also making a Winx Club fanfiction, this will be about their kids and their adventures! :D x3

Hope you guys like it! '^.^ :D x3


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Just call me Kimmie
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Hi! I'm SnowGirl325 and I love to draw, write stories, and play videogames! :D x3

And I like anime like Pokemon, One Piece, Naruto, etc. But I'm a big fan of stories like anything with fantasy, sci-fi, adventure, etc.

So I hope that we can be good friends and I will try my best to say hi or update something :) x3

Have a good and wonderful day! :D x3


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